Born in Western Canada.
Educated in the USA.
Currently on the Åland Islands; the jewels of Scandinavia.

My work puts people first while respecting all living things through the responsible use of this planet’s unliving resources and the improved understanding of the systems that connect us.

How can I help you today?

Smart Sustainability – I graduated from Harvard University with a Masters in Environmental Management & Sustainability. I am great at helping you create value through good actions.

I’m a Non-linear Thinker – I love to be given a problem and often find unusual new ways to solve it.

App Development – I am learning to code in Swift with Xcode and very excited to broaden my skillset!

Video Production – I film, Fly Drones, Record Audio, Edit and Post.

English Writing – I can check your English translations before you publish.

Website Development – Everything you see here I’ve done.

And much more Creativity – as expressed through this website and my other channels.


I founded Plusax AB to help local independent companies find value through sustainable business actions. We have had to formally shut down operations and the company is closed. 🙁  My values remain guided by the name:

P: People come first
L: Living Things must be respected
U: Unliving Resources must be managed wisely
S: Systems, we must understand the systems and relationships that connect them.

AX = Åland 🙂


Thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged our mission – you’re the best!

©2021 Michael Taevs

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